What is this exactly?

Hi, I’m Chris!

Curious about building an AR-15 and don’t even know where to begin??? You’re in luck! You and I have a lot more in common than you might think. This site will act as a real time knowledge-base as I research, purchase, and build a functioning AR-15 rifle. Wish me luck!

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The Author

Hi, my name is Chris! I am not a gunsmith, gun collector, gun junkie, expert, historian, or anything like that. In fact, I am a relatively new gun owner who lives in California. I got into shooting sports in the middle of 2009 and I love it! Recently a gentleman at my local outdoor shooting range let me fire his AR-15 and I instantly fell in love! The gentleman said that rather than buying a pre-built one, I would probably have lots of fun building and customizing one on my own… and when I asked about how to build it, he said “look it up online!”

Fair enough… I’m a fan of the ‘google it’ mentality. Hell, I hardly even go to the doctor anymore because I can look everything up on the web. So the mission began… I had seen talk here and there on random firearm websites about uppers, lowers, and OLLs and all sorts of stuff completely foreign to me. What I really needed was a one-stop-shop starters guide to the AR-15, and never really found one… which leads me to:

This Site

This website will serve as a ‘brain-dump’ of sorts throughout the research, purchase, and construction phase of building my AR-15. I will be searching to the end of the internet to find all the answers on how to build one of these rifles from scratch, and sharing my learnings along the way. It is my goal to have this site serve as a complete ‘start to finish’ explanation of everything you would ever need to learn to build your own AR.

I will always share links to the websites, videos, and other information from which I’m gathering my data. Also, I’d like to point out that I’m not going to be discussing at great length the ‘legality’ of these rifles. I will be constructing a California legal rifle, period.

‘The Fine Print’

I’m not a gunsmith, I’m only a guy with an internet connection. Feel free to post questions in the comments… and I’ll do my best to answer them. This site is intended for folks who know less than me to learn, and for people smarter than me to share the wealth.

I do not own the rights to many of the images used throughout the site. Since I don’t have a finished AR, I will have to resort to the web for graphical examples used on this site. If I’ve used your image and you want it removed, message me via the email address below. Please investigate the local, state, and federal laws before starting your AR project.

Contact Info

Should you need to contact the owner of this site for any reason, please send an email to:

info [at] ar15fornoobs *dot* com