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Hey gang, I realized that when outlining AR-15 anatomy elsewhere on the site we had overlooked the details of the Bolt Carrier Group. The first thing you’ll notice is that these are available with multiple finish types / coatings: Standard Steel:  Standard issue steel.  These are usually the most inexpensive BCG’s on the market Chrome-Plated: A […]

Hey gang!  I got the opportunity to attend SHOT this year.  I expected to see guns… and LOTS of them!  I decided to make a post about the stuff I saw that stuck with me the most.   RAAC Firearms – AR 12GA Looks like an AR-15 right?  WRONG!  This is a conversion that is […]

I found this rather entertaining… leave a comment here on whether or not you think she did it right! Thanks to the team @ EyeHandy for putting this together!

Hey gang, I thought you might all find this useful to soak up some AR-15 cleaning tips. He talks at the beginning about using lots of lube on the bolt.  I have been using Mobile-1 Synthetic Grease on my bolt.  What do you guys use to keep things running smooth?

Thanks to everyone for all of the encouraging and positive comments you’ve been leaving on the site.  It occurred to me that I haven’t had anything new to put on the site… and I want to fix that. Cash has been a little tight (new homeowner here, stupid) but I want to start posting some […]

Pics!  We want em! I want to start an image gallery of YOUR AR builds at home… send in some pics and I’ll start to post them in the BUILD GALLERY! Send to: info [at] ar15fornoobs (dot) com UPDATE, first few sets of pics are up! GO TO THE BUILD GALLERY!

Sadlly, a local gun store was having trouble and needed to move some inventory.  I decided to make friends with this Sig Sauer P220st.  It’s 100% Stainless Steel and feels like a beast.  Chambered in .45 ACP, I can’t wait to go shoot this bad boy!

Lets clarify one thing first… When we use the term M4, there are two possible interpretations: Reference to the specific M4 model / configuration of an AR-15 produced by Colt. This is a Colt model number and is NOT available to civilians. (Sad Trombone) The type of feed ramps cut into the upper receiver and […]

[work in progress] Videos I watched that showed step by step instructions on how to assemble the entire upper:

The barrel probably has the most affect on the AR rifle’s accuracy & performance.  There are a handful of attributes to choose from when selecting a barrel, and you’ll want to to choose the right ones that help meet the needs of your desired rifle.  Click this post to access more info below:

In this post I’ll go over all the specific parts of the Upper Receiver and Barrel with all associated parts.  Click this post or the ‘continue reading’ link below to see the full details.

[work in progress] I’ll catalog all the tools required for the build out of the AR.  I know you can go all out in this department, but I don’t have a TON of tools around the house.   This list should be the bare minimum to get the job done the first time! Steel or Brass […]

In my AR research, I kept coming across a term being thrown around called MOA. I found it being used in reference to a rifle’s accuracy, or measurement of accuracy… and adjustments on scope optics. So what is it? MOA means ‘Minute of Angle’.  A circle is divided into 360 degrees, and each degree is […]

[work in progress] I’ll outline WHY I’m making the choices I am and different options for ammo.  Click this post to get the details.

When shopping for collapsible stocks online… I noticed that some models come in 2 different variations. Mil-Spec and Commercial-Spec. EXAMPLE. So what’s the difference, and why are there 2 types? EDIT Oct 29th 2012: This post generates a LOT of traffic and great comments / communication.  While there are differences between the two, great question has […]

This was one of my first questions after I understood the assembly of the AR-15.  I’ve never owned a semi-automatic rifle before… but I’m guessing this gas acts upon something in the upper receiver assisting with the loading of a new round in the chamber. I did some digging and found this REALLY in depth […]

I love this guy!  User Hickok45 on YouTube posts some of the best firearm videos on the interwebs.  In the video below, he gives you a short close-up tour of his Bushmaster XM-15 and shows the basic operation of an assembled AR. Thank you Hickok45 for the video!

What’s the difference between 5.56 and 2.23? I’ve noticed that most AR gear I’ve been looking at is chambered for 5.56mm NATO rounds… but when I’m at the range, most guys seem to be shooting .223 Remington ammunition.  Are they interchangeable?  I did a little digging online: Apparently a barrel chambered for 5.56 NATO rounds […]

This will be my only post on the legalities of the AR-15 in the great state of California.  I am not a lawyer nor a lawmaker.  This is my understanding of the CA law in order to construct a CA legal AR at the time of writing.  LAWS CHANGE OFTEN, this is not to be […]

In this post I’ll go over all the specific parts of the Lower Receiver and Stock / Buffer Assembly.  Click this post or the ‘continue reading’ link below to see the full details.

In this post we’ll break down the AR into 4 major parts.  You can use this in conjunction with the TERMINOLOGY post (work in progress).  As I make more posts about these specific components, I will link this page to them. Lower Receiver – Often called the ‘lower’ for short. This is most surprisingly the […]

[WORK in PROGRESS] Listening to someone talk about building an AR-15 or the parts required is like trying to decipher a foreign language from another planet.  Here is a list of terms you might see on the web and hear in conversation: AW – Assault Weapon (try not to use this term. The rifle we’re building […]

[work in progress] As I research exactly what parts & tools I’m going to need, I’ll list them all here with an attempt at a moderate budget price to spend for that part. This will eventually also have a budget vs actual spend comparison.  Can you tell I work with $ at the day job?  […]

Having seen a bunch of AR-15s and AR-15 accessories at the local shooting range… and getting to try a few out… this project ended up a MUST on my summer to-do list.  Realizing I didn’t really know diddly squat about buying / building ARs, I decided to put this site together. Yay! So ultimately, what […]