Hey gang!  I got the opportunity to attend SHOT this year.  I expected to see guns… and LOTS of them!  I decided to make a post about the stuff I saw that stuck with me the most.


RAAC Firearms – AR 12GA
2013-01-15 11.02.48Looks like an AR-15 right?  WRONG!  This is a conversion that is a semi-auto 12GA shotgun.  They import these, and then can do a full on customization job down to your specific needs.  The magazines for this thing are HUGE!  For the price ($699) I think this is a really cool shotgun to have that your buddies would be jealous of.







Blade-Tech – Kydex Reinforced Belts


d_994In addition to holsters and mag pouches, these guys make really cool belts for holstering your gear… except that they make these belts reinforced with a layer of kydex in in middle.  Typical leather belts will stretch as they age, and loose their ability to bear the weight of your gear.  A few guys from our group snagged some belts so I’m curious to see how they hold up over the next year or so.

Swarovski Optik – Binoculars and Scopes


51iIhk-PezL._SL500_AA300_These guys have the cleanest and purest optic systems my eyes have ever seen.  I’ve looked through a lot of stuff in my time… and these optics present zoomed reality in a way my eyes had never seen.  Shooting a pair of EL binoculars across the show floor had an amazing depth of field, almost like humans were cardboard cutouts from one to the next.  I couldn’t put these down… until I saw the price tag.  I guess you should expect the best when spending $2000 on binoculars.





YouTube Channel – IraqVeteran8888


2013-01-16 16.33.18If you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve probably watched some gun related videos on YouTube.  Eric and the clan from IraqVeteran8888 offer a full course of great videos ranging from gun demos, debunking myths, gun gripes, and general “blow stuff up” videos.  I’m a huge fan, go show them some love!






2013-01-16 17.09.31This rifle seemed to generate a great deal of buzz from the show.  It balanced really well over your hands and would make a great weapon for closed quarters situations.  You’ve probably seen this rifle around before… but this year marks the first time it has been available to civillians in the USA.  Chambered in 5.56, it comes with a 16.5 and 18 inch barrel configuration with a few color options.  One thing I did notice was that each of the features attached to it, had a counter part on the other side… meaning, it is fully ambidextrous if you happen to be a left handed shooter.  Way cool!


Franklin Armory – CSW


2013-01-16 13.15.42This thing is freaking awesome!  It replaces the stock portion of your AR, and gives you that ‘belt fed’ feel with two large handles on the rear, each with their own trigger.  Mount this bad boy to a tripod, and your AR just got a huge COOL FACTOR upgrade.  Check out their site for a video showing how it works in both Semi and Full Auto ARs