Having seen a bunch of AR-15s and AR-15 accessories at the local shooting range… and getting to try a few out… this project ended up a MUST on my summer to-do list.  Realizing I didn’t really know diddly squat about buying / building ARs, I decided to put this site together. Yay!

So ultimately, what is it I really want to build? The coolest looking SWAT / military type looking AR possible. 🙂 I’ve heard this concept called ‘Tacticool’. A play on words between ‘Tactical’ and ‘cool’.  People mostly use this play on words with a negative connotation… but honestly, I don’t care.  Sounds good to me!

I want to find a happy medium by keeping my AR on the ‘affordable’ side… but at the same time I am also not one to buy crappy cheap parts that I’ll regret.  So I guess I’ll find a middle of the road and build a very ‘decent’ AR and try to keep the budget under control.  I am one to operate under the MO: “do it right the first time”.  That said, I’m not going to buy cheap parts just because they’re cheap. I’ll definitely want to make sure I’m getting quality stuff that I wont hate or have to swap out down the line.  I’m going to  have to research exactly what parts are needed, and get an idea of what that this is going to cost me.  [Update: Check out the PARTS/BUDGET POST for specifics on that]

Being a student of the internet… I took to the web looking for ‘picture threads’ to get some ideas.  If you’re not familiar, a ‘picture thread’ is typically a thread of discussion on a user forum where folks do nothing but post pictures.  Great for idea building.  I hit up AR15.com and sure enough, they had more picture threads than I knew what to do with. I started with the most recent one and hit the jackpot.  I’ll post some of my favorites here, click on the header of this post to see more inspiration “after the jump”.

AR-15 Picture Thread Part 21